Posted Friday 02 21, 2020

What is a trend anyway?  A trend is the direction something is going...trends come and go and come back again. What is a trendsetter? Someone who leads the way and defies the rules. To be honest, I have never been a big fan of trends... I am a believer that a true trend is to design what you LOVE, it will be timeless, and you will never tire of it. With that being said, 2020 Interior Design Trends seem to be a bit more special than recent years past.

Take a moment to think about the change of Seasons. The EXCITEMENT each one offers and the beauty of nature each reveals. Seasons ignite a burst of freashness and inspiration and each with a look all its own. Seasons create a sense of comfort, nostalgia, and natural wonder. They are true works of Art!

In a modern world of touch screen, bright lights, smart phones, and hi-tech gadgets, this year's design trends are a relief from it all. We are seeking the refuge of calm, cosy, inviting homes blended with natural materials that bring nature in. We will be lowering ceilings, dividing spaces, and pairing furniture closer together to create more intimate and welcoming setting, creating social environments in our homes and off  of the screens.

Color trends will reference nature, from it's soft grey skies, it's warm fall hues of burnt orange and buttery tan to summer's blue waters and vibrant sunsets. It's no wonder natures blue is the number one selling color for Interior Design.

Wood accents in ceiling details, trim work, furniture, floors, doors and windows will have the presence of wicker, jute, rattan, grass cloth, and dark walnut.  Mixing these natural elements with soft luxurious tactile textiles such as boucle', linen, mohair, and velvet combines with the richness of leather and suede create a textural environment making our homes the ulitmate cozy nest.

So, make up a cheese tray, open your favorite bottle and invite some friends over.  Bring social back to the comfort of your home.
Cheers to 2020 Interior Design Trends

Kali Weber
Chatham House Interior Design