Posted Wednesday 09 25, 2019

 Established in 2006, the Julie Vos brand is modeled on the belief that we create the beautiful world we live in, with inspiration and  discipline, and this philosophy translates in the design of every piece of Jewlery. 

 Julie absorbs the glorious details of the cities she visits, the architecture, the art, the ironwork - and interprets it to create stylish and sophisticated classics that make women look and feel  beautiful. Julie creates new collections each year, drawing inspiration from vibrant New York City, her adoration of the fine arts and her passion for travel.

Handcrafted in 24-karat gold over nickel-free brass, and sealed to prevent tarnish, her pieces express a sophistication with profiles that are classically inspired—yet thoroughly modern.  A single statement cuff can be worn alone or layered with a signature link, and then recombined endlessly to create a new look depending on the day, mood, or occasion. The generously cut imported glass and semi-precious stones, which Vos’s pieces are known for, have earned her a devoted following and the sobriquet “wearable luxury.”

 Julie Vos creates Jewelry that Seamlessly Marries Refinement with Luxury.  Come see our ever-expanding line of Julie Vos Jewelry at 

 Chatham House Boutique