Posted Saturday 03 07, 2020

Vivo Studios offers everyday Luxury, combined quality with effortless beauty to bring timeless designs to the Modern Woman. Crafted from genuine Shagreen and Buffalo Horn, Vivo Acessories blend classic simplicity to achieve a sleek aesthetic look.

Envisioned by Diane Castellan and handcrafted from the highest quality materials, " My focus remains on working with natural material that are executed with a modern point of view". VIVO is a modern collection of Jewelry, home, and personal accessories utilizing genuine exotic skins and Buffalo Horn to bring Luxury to your everyday.

VIVO strives to honor its materials through simple sophisticated design and is proud to use non-CITE Skins that are taken from endangered species.  Materials are always sustainable sourced and expertly hand crafted by indigenous artisans. Exotic leather and horn are selected for their high quality, while being up cycled from the origin and reimagined into luxury products with longevity.

Come see our VIVO Jewelry at our Michigan Design Center Lifestyle Gallery in Troy.