Zoie Sky Foundation

Why Bedrooms? One of the most important aspects to student achievement and well-being is sleep. Lack of sleep is a national epidemic for today’s children and the consequences are serious. Children who sleep well perform better. Children who feel valued invest themselves in their goals. Children who know someone cares about them care about others.

After working in homes where children were sleeping on the floor, in corners of their rooms, or sharing a small mattress on the floor, Kali Weber felt moved to give them a place of inspiration and hope. “What can I do?” she often asked herself. She was challenged and encouraged by her church to commit to community outreach, thus giving her the catalyst to start Zoie Sky. Having worked in the interior design business for over a decade, Kali recognized the value that individuals feel in a comforting space. Working through referrals by social workers and other professionals, Kali and her team began the dream.

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Zoie Sky's Founder Kali Weber on what Zoie Sky is all about...

Posted by Zoie Sky on Thursday, May 16, 2013