Interior Design Grand Blanc, Michigan

Grand Blanc, which literally means "Great White," was originally settled by Chippewa Indians. French traders arrived before 1800 and gave the town its name and by 1823, pioneer families began setting up trading posts and settling on the abundant farmland. The railroad added more work and growth to the small community in 1862. It became an official city on March 4, 1930. Today, residents of Grand Blanc are fortunate to have many services and programs available to them to satisfy many diverse interests. Grand Blanc prides itself on its small-town atmosphere and friendliness.

At Chatham House Interior Design, we offer a variety of design services in the Grand Blanc area, including full home construction design, custom furniture, window treatments, Hunter Douglas products, and more.  Whether designing residential or commercial spaces, Chatham House has built a reputation of achieving highly individualized results for our discriminating clientele. The history and location of the project, and our firm belief that successful design must be generated by the individual characteristics of each project, inspire us to create extraordinary interiors. We believe design should inspire you, soothe you, energize you, tickle your funny bone, wrap you up and connect you to all the things you love. Guided by our clients’ aspirations and diverse experiences, we design interiors that allow our clients to fully express who they are and what holds meaning to them. Our design team has the vision to guide you in selecting the look that fits your style and your personality. Combining quality products and professional creativity, Chatham House ensures that even your most playful selection is a sound investment and a great source of self-expression. We create visual stories that become personal surroundings.

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